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Despite being the main character in the comic strip, Josh isn't seen all that often. However, his friends and members of his family can be seen frequently. Josh is a technology geek and a bit of a recluse, and prefers spending quality time at home with Compy386.

Sarah is Josh's wife. Although fond of her husband, she loves making fun of him. It's one of her favorite pastimes. Curious by nature, she is utterly fascinated by the stars, and is insanely curious to know what the meaning of Life, The Universe, and Everything is...

Joey is Josh's eldest son. He recently got a life, moved out of his mom and dad's basement, and into his own house. He is currently pursuing a high ranking position in the health career track, and is very painfully single. Joey enjoys long walks on the beach, loves children, and will happily adopt a puppy if it would make a woman talk to him. Unfortunately, the matchmaker seems to believe that he can only attract the town zombie/ninja, Mildly Disguised.

One of Josh's twin teenage boys, Eric varies from his brother very slightly in looks and very STRONGLY in aspiration. According to him, "Evan is one of those crazy money grubbers. Now leave me alone, I'm trying to read this book."

Josh's other twin teenage boy, Evan, would much rather be making money than reading anything, unless it's the serial number on a Simolean.

Josh's first daughter Holly is a free spirit and extremely independent. She thinks that her family makes life too complicated, and would much rather spend time with other friends or working on a nice painting. As a result, she is rarely seen.

Jane is Josh's youngest (and, in his words, "LAST") child. Her job is to sit around filling diapers and receiving bottles.

Midnight is one of two cats owned by Josh's family... at least that's how Josh tells it. According to Midnight and Whiskers, Josh and his family are a group of "lovely humans we enjoy taking care of."

Abram is a freshly brewed college graduate who enjoys competitive fruit combat, LOLcats, and Euler tours along prescribed points on the beach. He recently obtained a job in the computer science industry, after completing his degree requirements and his apprenticeship under Donald Knuth's dog. Unfortunately, high aspirations to reach the top of the Computer Science career have been put on hold while he takes care of his new alien spawn named Mebod.

Jim wanted one thing in life: a daughter. Unfortunately, fate was pointing and laughing in his face as his wife first gave birth to quadruplets, all boys, and then an additional boy. With five boys running around his house all day long, Jim can be found anywhere in the neighborhood but home.

The Mildly Disguised Ninja
The Mildy Disguised Ninja used to spend time wreaking havoc on the neighborhood, vanquishing her enemies, seeking her revenge! That is, until she messed with Rohina Uglybutt. The ninja was recently brought back to life by the crazy town gypsy, but what her future holds at this point is still a mystery... Time will reveal all!

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