15 Jun 2007 - By: jfade
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So who's in charge of this thing anyhow?
- That'd be me, jfade, of DJS Sims. I made the comic on a whim a while back, stopped for a while, then started again just recently.

Why did you stop? Is it because your comic is stupid?
- Well, I like my comic but to each their own. I stopped because of lack of time. However, my schedule has changed again and I have more free time than before. That combined with the fact that I've streamlined the actual comic creation process makes it quicker to make the comics than before. That coupled with the fact that I now have two friends helping me with ideas and writing means I don't have to be totally reliant on myself. It seems, sadly, that I am unreliable.

So what kind of whim makes you decide to create a comic strip using The Sims 2?
- Well, I've always liked The Sims 2, and awesome comic strips out there like xkcd made me want to do something similar. Unfortunately, I'm not that funny and I have no artistic talent whatsoever (not even stick figures!) so I decided to "cheat" and use a game to do all the art for me! It was just a matter of making up corny jokes and storylines after that.

Wait, there's two other guys helping with this thing?
- Yes. They're not currently involved in the Sims Community, but one of them plays the game occasionally and both are hilarious.

Well what are THEIR names?
- I'll let you know when I know what they want to be known as in the community, nickname wise that is.

How long till you QUIT again?
- Oh, I definitely don't plan on it, and especially not NOW since I have all these awesome ideas in my head and two other people working on it. Something may happen or I may get behind, but I doubt it.

Can my Sim be in your comic?
- I do take some community member's self Sims and put them in (JM Pescado, Rohina, and LilBrudder for instance) but I don't put anyone in just because they ask me. In fact, asking is about the quickest way to guarantee NOT being in it. :P

Are any of the Sims in your strip based on real people?
- Some of them, yes, but I don't differentiate between who is real and who isn't. They're all Sims. :P

I want to COMPLAIN LOUDLY at you. What's your email?
- There's many ways to contact me and you'll find my email address on my other sites, but don't bother, it takes me forever to answer emails. I'm faster at answering forum posts and PMs, so go there instead.

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